Superior STR Caster Assembly for Raymond (STR2000RA)

Superior STR Caster Assembly for Raymond (STR2000RA)
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Stabilizer Caster
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  • Engineered as a drop-in replacement for all OEMs, the STR Stabilizer Caster™ - with patented PolyBlock™ technology - eliminates the use of unreliable metal springs, yet provides greater stability in cornering, smoother ride and higher productivity.
    • Heavy Duty Construction Extra-thick 0.25" steel plates with minimum welds to reduce weak spots
    • Greater Cornering Stability and Comfort Patented PolyBlock™ damper technology reduces oscillation and rocking effect
    • Longer Wheel Work-Life -Using a larger wheel (4" O.D.) with the toughest polyurethane compound available and high quality sealed bearings
    • Custom Designs Available -Work with our Technical Service Engineers to design a caster specifically for your application or equipment.
    • Fine and Convenient Height Adjustments -Easy three-position coarse and extra-fine adjustments eliminating all spacers
    • Reliable and Consistent Performance -Less height and performance deterioration over time than traditional metal springs
    • Protected in All Environments -Rust-Proof Zinc plated parts and a greasable wheel or axle for corrosive environments
  • The following documents are available for the STR Caster:

    PDF document - use Acrobat Reader to view this file STR-Caster.pdf

    Call toll-free 1-800-661-5662 to talk to with a knowledgeable industrial tire specialist.

    • Tire Endurance

      Rating Level: 50%
    • Dry Traction

      Rating Level: 75%
    • Wet Traction

      Rating Level: 25%
    • Ride Comfort

      Rating Level: 25%
    • Chunk Resistance

      Rating Level: 25%
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    Superior STR Caster Assembly (STR2000) STR2000
    Superior STR Caster Assembly for Crown (STR2001CR2) STR2001CR2
    Superior STR Caster Assembly for Hyster (STR2001) w/Zerk Caster STD STR02001
    Superior STR Caster Assembly for Raymond (STR2000RA) STR02000RA
    Superior STR Caster Assembly for Raymond (STR2001RA) STR2001RA
    Superior STR Caster Assemby (STR2001CR2XL) 5x5 Base 8 Hole Plate XL STR2001CR2XL
    Superior STR Caster Assemby (STR3201) (GREASABLE) STR3201
    Superior STR Caster Assemby (STR3201XL) (GREASABLE) XL STR3201XL

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