14.00-24/28PR Continental CraneMaster TT E3

14.00-24/28PR Continental CraneMaster TT E3
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  • Product Benefits:

    •     Less rolling resistance
    •     less bead cracks
    •     better steering on the spot
    •     Enhanced endurance
    •     Less overall costs

    At first glance, labor cranes and AVGs don’t seem to have much in common, but when it comes to tires, their requirements are pretty much the same. In fact, both machines operate only at moderate speeds around gradual bends. But both have to carry enormous weight, from two sources —firstly, the weight of the payload and secondly, the tare weight of the machine itself. Additionally, there is the turning on the spot or at extreme angles, which puts tremendous stress on the tires. Among the toughness, it is the rolling resistance of the tire that has to be considered since it has a significant influence on energy consumption. In summary. harbor cranes and AGVs require tires with exceptional load capacity, outstanding maneuverability, and low rolling resistance for optimal operation at their full potential.

    CraneMaster series dimensions
    14.00-24 E3
    16.00-25 E3
    18.00-25 E3
    21.00-25 E3
    21.00-35 E3

    The new Continental CraneMaster range of tires makes use of the unique V.ply technology, which features an exceptionally sturdy tire construction for lower rolling resistance and a longer service life. In terms of damping, this design enables a CraneMaster tire to rely not only on compressed air but also on the exceptionally robust tire construction itself. The well-distributed contact pressure in the tread area means a longer tread life and superior maneuverability. Moreover, the advanced design of the new V.ply tires handles steering on the spot much better. CraneMaster tires feature excellent resistance to casing damage and tread stress cracking. The unique V.ply technology provides less tilting and better protection against damage compared to radial tires plus lower rolling resistance compared to cross-ply tires.


    video file Sidewall Testing Video

  • The following documents are available for the CraneMstr:

    PDF document - use Acrobat Reader to view this file Harbor range tires.pdf

    Call toll-free 1-800-661-5662 to talk to with a knowledgeable industrial tire specialist.

    • Tire Endurance

      Rating Level: 50% 9
    • Dry Traction

      Rating Level: 75% 8
    • Wet Traction

      Rating Level: 25% 10 10
    • Ride Comfort

      Rating Level: 25% 10
    • Chunk Resistance

      Rating Level: 25% 10
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    14.00-24/28PR Continental CraneMaster TL E3 1215142
    14.00-24/28PR Continental CraneMaster TT E3 1215158
    16.00-25/32PR Continental CraneMaster TL E3 1215143
    18.00-25/40PR Continental CraneMaster TL E3 1215144
    21.00-25/40PR Continental CraneMaster TL E3 1215145
    21.00-35/40PR Continental CraneMaster TL E3 1215149

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